Reinaldo G. Gregori

Founding partner and CEO, Reinaldo Gregori holds a Ph.D. in demography and a MA in economics from the University of California at Berkeley and Georgetown University, both in the USA. Before founding Cognatis in 2002, he worked as analytical marketing consultant for Kaiser Permanente, in California, and CRM/Data Mining superintendent at Unibanco and Gradient. He founded Cognatis in partnership with Multispectral, an intelligent digital map company, whose interests were acquired in 2010. He also lectured on several occasions at traditional institutions, such as UC Berkeley (teaching assistant), FGV-SP (postgraduate course) and FIA (MBA – Retail).

Fernando Link

Partner and Technical Director, Fernando Link has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (USP) and specialization in Marketing and Project Management (ESPM). Since 2005 at Cognatis, Fernando has contributed with his professional knowledge in Expansion, Research, Statistics, and Marketing, acquired at notorious companies in their segments, such as Leroy Merlin, Nielsen and Itaú. Since 2005, he has been responsible for all Cognatis projects.

Claudia Banfield

Partner and Sales and Service Director, Claudia Banfield has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies (FAAP), specialization in Marketing (ESPM), and MBA in Business Management (FIA). Since 2008 at Cognatis, Claudia has been sharing her wide experience in the fields of Marketing, Research, and Communication. Before coming to Cognatis she worked for large national and multinational companies in the Services and Consumption business. She is currently responsible for the entire service, commercial and support, and training at Cognatis.

Daniel Costa

Partner and Technology Director, Daniel Costa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and MBA in Business Intelligence with specialization on CPM. Daniel has been working at Cognatis since 2006. He has contributed with his IT experience on GIS Software modeling & architecture for Geomarketing and general software projects development. He is currently responsible for the maintenance of Infrastructure and the development and Database team.