• All municipalities in Brazil
  • Over 30,000 neighborhoods
  • Information per block* (over 311,000)
  • Annual Update
  • Over 2,000 variables
  • Information on modules
  • Medium and long-term estimates
  • Over 100 categories (per census track) concerning consumption potential
  • Several economic classifications: ABEP, FGV, and Government (per census track)
  • Millions of companies compiled by activity, size, and estimated revenue

GEOpop® is the largest database especially designed for Geomarketing applications in Brazil. It includes a wide range of demographic, economic, and consumption indicators, as well as information on companies and commercial centers. GEOpop® provides your company with better understanding of your market, clients and prospects, as well as, improving business’ strategies and marketing.

The information is derived from official public sources, such as IBGE and IPEA, in addition to data collected by Cognatis. Such information is continuously updated by a professional team of Master’s and PhDs in Statistics and Demography, which guarantees the quality and relevance of the information.

The Geopop® product line provides detailed, comprehensive, and updated information on demographic, economic, social, and consumer behavior aspects regarding a population that inhabits or work in a region of interest. The information is available in different levels of aggregation, comprising all cities and census tracking areas (areas with approximately 200 households) of Brazil, and major cities in Latin America.

Get to know the GEOpop® modules

  • Where are the companies located?
  • How to compare the potential of a city, a neighbourhood or a block?
  • How much is sold here?
  • Who work or visit the area?
  • Who lives in the region?

Information is available by:

Geographic Level

  • Municipalities
  • Neighborhoods
  • Zip Code (soon)
  • Blocks (census tracks)


  • Municipalities and States
  • Size of municipalities or GDP
  • Metropolitan Areas
  • Neighborhoods
  • Customized Areas (e.g. Sales Territory)