Who work or visit the area.

GEOpop® Day provides comprehensive and updated information on the population that occupy an area during daytime. This population is composed by the workers and professionals who inhabit the area during business hours, by the unemployed or out of the labor force residents, and by the walk-through population. . It is essential information for companies focused on business and communication activities during daytime hours.

iconeDaytime Population Module

  • Workers by income range, occupation, and age
  • Inactive population (elderly, housewives, etc.) by age and occupation
  • Types of employment (self-employed, employed, casual, etc.)
  • Retired
  • Population Rate – Day and Night
Over 40 variables to represent the daytime residents of a region. This population mainly consists of workers and economically inactive population. Fundamental for companies focusing on the daytime consumer market of any region.
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iconePedestrians and Vehicles Module

  • Vehicle flow
  • Pedestrian flow
This module estimates the pedestrians and vehicles flows at the main traffic lanes of the major Brazilian cities. It is ideal for companies that need to measure the transient population in a region. The estimates are the result of a unique model of flow quantification based on the characteristics of the traffic lane and its surroundings, traffic generator centers, street malls, etc. The flow indicators show 5-level estimates: very high, high, medium, low, and very low.
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