NETtool® Analytics is perfect for companies seeking a simple and user friendly geomarketing software solution, without giving up the power of analysis and customization. Through this solution, your company can deeply understand how its operations and markets interact in the geographic space, and thus enhance its planning and strategic management.

Maximum Flexibility: The NETtool® Analytics geomarketing software is fully developed for users desiring full control of their geomarketing analyses. We highlight some examples:

  • Edition of Reports: NETtool® Analytics allows you to create your own reports, include variables, potential indicators, choose layout, set the report template, and create cross-reference reports.
  • Customization of Thematic Maps: NETtool® Analytics generates dynamic thematic maps, i.e., real-time maps that represent the most current version of the information. You can also customize maps, by changing the value ranges, number of lines, colors, features, and other characteristics.
  • Fully integrated with Google Enterprise™: NETtool® Analytics solution is fully integrated with Google Enterprise’s™ maps and pictures. Thus, you can switch between the map view, satellite image, topographic view, and hybrid view at anytime, without limiting functionality or changing the information entered.
  • Friendly Interface: The NetTool® Analytics 3.0 is a version that uses OpenLayer™ technology, cached spatial data, and tile rendering. All features are found in quick and easy MENU or via intuitive wizards. These innovations make browsing fast, pleasant, and intuitive.
  • Integration with the client’s data: NETtool® Analytics allows the inclusion of your company’s specific data to set up studies interacting with the software’s data. This way you can spatially map your clients, competitors and sales force.

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