Geo-enrichment is a service developed by Cognatis that allows the enrichment of socio-demographic and market data from a location.

From a home address and location area, each customer or potential customer is geodemographically characterized. This technique is based on the premise, already proven in several studies around the world, that people tend to live around similar ones, and therefore it offers an economic and creative alternative to purchase personalized mailing and address data enrichment.

We provide three different types of enrichment:

  1. Customer and Potential Customer (census tracks) Data enrichment from an address. The company sends its actual customer base (individuals) and potential customer base (individuals) and we enrich the base with information about income, education, housing condition, and others within the smallest geographical unit, blocks (census tracks).
  2. Companies (CNPJ – National Corporation Identifying Number) Data enrichment from an address. The company sends its customer base (Corporation) by CNPJ and we enrich with information of expected sales and size. For enrichment of other information, such as telephone, e-mail, etc., we have to conduct a specific study.
  3. POS and Branches (by area of ​​influence) Data enrichment from an area of influence (distance or time from an address). The area of ​​influence may be previously established by your company or Cognatis will suggest the dimension of the area according to the type of business. Example: Small Retail (500m), Neighborhood Grocery Store (1 km), hyper market (3 km). We will enrich the POS areas of influence with information from the Geopop® modules. Example: Socioeconomic status, consumption potential, competition, flow, traffic generator centers, among others.

Special areas as sales territories can also be updated.

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