Expansion Study


Most companies celebrate the time to grow. However, planning the expansion is not so easy and wrong decisions may represent significant losses for any business. The Cognatis Expansion Study helps your business to grow safely and in the right direction. It locates new POS to be opened or where a new service should be expanded.

  • What cities or neighborhoods are relevant to open a unit?
  • How many new units should be opened?
  • Should these units be located in malls and/or on a street? If both, in what proportion?
  • How to expand without competition between stores?
  • What is the expected turnover of these units?

Our methodologies specifically rely on the client’s objectives and availability of information. We try to make the maximum use of our client’s information, such as transactional and registration data of current POS, or information about consumers. Upon gathering enough information, predictive statistical or econometric models are applied to get accurate and reliable estimates of revenues regarding the expansion process.

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