Geodemographic Segmentation


Geodemographic Segmentation is a classification system for ranking municipalities or micro-regions (sometimes the size of an urban block) based on marketing and demographic characteristics. The business applications are very broad. It can be used to analyze market potential, expansion studies, development of trade marketing actions, risk assessment, among others. Geodemographic Segmentation is essential for companies that want to frequently develop geomarketing analyses and seek autonomy and independence. When integrated with the NETtool® platform, it becomes the most powerful geomarketing intelligence tool available.

Cognatis provides two types of Geodemographic Segmentation: by municipality and by neighborhood.

  • The Municipality Segmentation presents a classification system for all Brazilian municipalities according to their socioeconomic, demographic and market characteristics, as well as trends of growth and development. Companies operating in several municipalities can use it to plan nationally or regionally.
  • The Neighborhood Segmentation presents a classification system for very small urban areas (census tracks*), also according to their demographic and geomarketing characteristics for all Brazilian cities. It is useful for making decisions requiring information on the potential and characteristics of a neighborhood.

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